Design Services

I build clean, easy-to-navigate websites and blogs that include content management systems for easy updates and user control. I particularly specialize in custom designs using the Headway Theme for WordPress. When you hire me to build a website for you, you get more than just a good-looking site. I’m all about making your site effective for your business, not just an online brochure. I will work with you to make sure the site meets your needs and I won’t stop until you’re satisfied. When I give you a quote for a website, in addition to the site itself, you also get:

  • Installation of WordPress and a premium theme (usually Headway except for very specialized sites) on a new or existing domain
  • Plug-ins installed for contact forms, spam control, sitemap creation, slideshows, and other features
  • Installation of Google Analytics to track traffic on your page so you can know where your visitors are coming from
  • Search engine optimization of your entire site to make sure every page is as Google-friendly as possible
  • Training to empower you to take control of your own site so that you can do updates and basic revisions yourself

Additional services

I also offer several other services that aren’t part of my basic website package. These may be included in your website quote if you indicate that you want them or they can be added on later.

  • Shopping cart integration to enable eCommerce on your site
  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Ongoing site maintenance and support through my webmaster service
  • Copywriting services for website content, brochures, business cards
  • A complete business makeover with webpage, logo, and business cards

Keep your website in top shape with your own personal Website Hero! I know that many of my clients like that the sites I build are user-friendly enough for you to make your own updates, but for busy professionals, you may want to turn that over to me, your superhero on call. I'll be ready to jump in and save the day if there's ever a problem with your page or if you need to make updates and minor changes.


  • Periodically checking under the hood of your site and make sure everything is still safe, secure, and running right. Expect to get test emails from me through your contact forms, etc.
  • Keeping your WordPress, theme, and plugin installations up to date so they are always functioning properly.
  • Making complete backup copies of your site so that if anything ever goes wrong I can have you back up and running in minutes.
  • Making minor graphics updates and changes to the copy on your site as you need it, in a timely fashion.
  • For merchants, keeping inventory or listings up-to-date.

Basically, when you subscribe, I’m here for you whenever you have a question or need anything* for your site.

*Attacks by supervillians or radioactive entities may be subject to additional fees.